ExtRO TO600

Sistema de filtración de agua por ósmosis inversa para encimera con descarga automática

The high-end countertop Reverse Osmosis water filtration system with a jug, carbon pre-filter and 95 gpd R.O. membrane element. Features include built-in booster pump, auto-flush, easily changed quarter-turn filters, space-saving design, LED indicators with cartridge change notifications.

Sistema de filtración de agua por ósmosis inversa para encimera con descarga automática ExtRO TO600
Integrated booster pump

Ósmosis Inversa


Filtros de cambio rápido

Jarra 2L / 68 fl.oz.

Pure Water Pitcher Always within Reach

Pure Water Pitcher Always within Reach

Enjoy the remarkable taste of food, discover the authentic aroma of tea or coffee, impress your guests with crystal clear ice cubes, or simply enjoy a sip of pristine water, conveniently at your fingertips.

Más allá de la Calidad del Agua Embotellada

  • ExtRO TO600 countertop R.O. water filtration system delivers safe, clean and joy inducing water right at your home, every day.
  • ¡Ya no necesitará más transportar y deshacerse del agua embotellada!
  • Ideal para beber, para máquinas de hielo, bebidas, preparación de alimentos, deportes, etc.
  • This R.O. system removes odor and most harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap water making it tasty, fresh and vital. It delivers a pure, refreshing experience with no aftertaste of heavy metals, limescale or chlorine.
Make Your Contribution to Saving Our Planet

Make Your Contribution to Saving Our Planet

Save your pocket as well as our Planet: cut your costs dramatically by switching from bottled water to an in-house water purifier and reduce environmental impact of water bottles’ carbon footprint and plastics in the landfills.

Cómo Funciona

Mount the system by the kitchen sink, and the purified water will collect in the jug. Insert the jug into the unit's water outlet, and purification will begin automatically. Once the jug is full or removed manually, waterflow will stop.

This system is very easy to use: pure water is within reach whenever you need it. Full jug refill (2L/68 fl.oz.) takes under 7 minutes.

Qué lo Hace Especial

R.O. filtration system that's perfectly engineered, environmentally friendly and remarkably useful

Verdadera membrana de Ó.I. con alta tasa de rechazo de lámina Toray genuina fabricada en Japón.

Easy and Quick: pure water pitcher always within reach

Automatic flush for top performance

Slim and modern space-saving design, premium look and feel.

Easily changed quarter-turn filters, no tools required

Cero o bajo consumo de energía.


Factory-preinstalled filters and membrane, worldwide tee-adapter valve, push-to-connect quick fittings, etc. for faster and easier setup and convenient use.

LED indication of filters’ life

Low noise

Quick-change encapsulated membrane element

¡Como Nuevo Cada Día!

A diferencia de los filtros en línea de múltiples etapas con cartuchos, el sistema de ósmosis inversa no absorbe ni guarda la suciedad dentro. La membrana separa el agua limpia de los sólidos disueltos y otras partículas rechazadas que descienden por el desagüe.

¡Por eso, el sistema de Ó.I. está "como nuevo" cada día! Permanece limpio brindando agua purificada segura sin el riesgo de su contaminación secundaria.

Elemento de la Membrana de Ósmosis Inversa Encapsulada Dentro (Dibujo)

Bomba de refuerzo integrada

Bomba de refuerzo integrada

  • Increases pressure to radically improve the performance and effectiveness of the R.O. unit in all three key areas: increases filtered water flow (production rate), increases rejection rate (improves water purification quality), increases recovery rate (decreases amount of waste water).
  • Prolongs the membrane and pre-filter(s) service life due to increased recovery rate.
  • Performs powerful auto-flush sequence to keep the internals clean and safe.

Useful Features

This system is designed to be effective, appealing and easy to use

World Power Adapter included

Bayonet quarter-turn filter cartridges for easy change

LED indicators of remaining filters' life

Dishwasher safe pitcher

Sistema de Filtración en Etapas Múltiples

  • Bloque de carbono para reducir el cloro libre, las cloraminas, el gusto y el olor a cloro.
  • Elemento de la membrana de Ó.I. de 95gpd para reducir los sólidos disueltos, iones metálicos, bacterias y virus, y otras partículas suspendidas, tan pequeñas como 0.0001 micras.

Prefiltro de Bloque de Carbón de Coco K890


Prefiltro de Bloque de Carbón de Coco

Reducción efectiva de:

  • suciedades, arena y sedimentos
  • sabor y olor, incluyendo el sabor y olor a cloro
  • otros contaminantes*
Elemento de la Membrana de Ó.I. K860 (95gpd)


Elemento de la Membrana de Ó.I. (95gpd)

Reducción efectiva de:

  • sólidos suspendidos
  • iones disueltos
  • bacterias y virus
  • otros contaminantes*

El Equipo Incluye:

  • Unidad de Filtración de Etapas Múltiples con Membrana de Ó.I. y bomba de refuerzo incorporada
  • Tanque de almacenamiento de agua
  • Grifo de Diseño
  • Kit de Instalación

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(1) Multi-stage filtration unit with installed filters

(1) Jug 2L / 68 fl.oz.

(1) Universal worldwide adapter ball valve (G1/2” - G3/8” - UNEF 9/16”-24 - JG 1/4”)

(1) World Power Adapter

(1) Teflon tape roll

(1) Drain saddle

(1) Wrench

(1) Worktop plug

(1) ¼” union check valve

(2) ¼” stem elbow push-to-connect fitting

(26 ft/ 8 m) Water tubing ¼”

User’s guide

Datos Técnicos

Operating Requirements:

  • Minimum supply water pressure: 7.25 psi (0.05 MPa)
  • Maximum supply water pressure: 60 psi (0.41 MPa)
  • Minimum water temperature: 41 °F (5 °C)
  • Optimal water temperature: 59—77 °F (15—25 °C)
  • Maximum water temperature: 95 °F (35 °C) / up to 105 °F (40.5 °C) short-term
  • Ambient air temperature: 41—105 °F (5—40.5 °C)
  • Water source: tap water supply, chlorinated or non-chlorinated, bacteriologically safe
  • Supply water pH range: 4.0—11.0
  • Supply water turbidity: < 1 NTU
  • Supply water components: Hardness (CaCO3) <180 mg/L (<10.5 gpg), Iron <0.1 mg/L, Manganese <0.05 mg/L, Hydrogen Sulfide 0.00 mg/L
  • Maximum supply water TDS: 1000 ppm
  • Indoor use only.
  • Tubing: ¼”
  • Electrical input: AC 110—240V 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical plug: US Type A / Europlug CEE 7/16 / Type G (BS 1363)


Performance of the appliance such as filtered water delivery rate, rejection rate, etc. is highly dependent on local conditions (inlet water pressure, temperature, TDS and degree of contamination, etc.) and R.O. system use pattern. Actual performance may vary.

  • Filtered water production rating: 95 gpd (350 lpd) maximum
  • Filtered water delivery rate, typical: 10 fl.oz./min (0.28 l/min)
  • Membrane rejection rate1, typical: >90%
  • Recovery rate (system efficiency2), typical: 25%
  • Drain water flow restrictor: 300 cc (ml/min) nominal, up to 360 cc in working mode, up to 2800 cc in flush mode
  • Jug Capacity: up to 68 fl.oz. (2L)
  • Jug full refill time, typical: 7 min
  • Pre-filter service life, typical: 1 year, or 200 working hours, or 2000 G (8000 L), whatever comes first
  • R.O. membrane service life, typical: 2 years, or 720 working hours, or 3000 G (12000 L) of permeate, whatever comes first

Weight and Size:

  • Size (WDH), with/without jug, excluding protrusions: 14.4/7.2" x 7.1" x 14.0" (365/182 x 180 x 355 mm)
  • Weight, without water and tubing: 11 lbs (5.0 kg)


Fully CE certified and conforms to Directives and Standards EU 2015/1787, 98/83/EC, 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, EN13443-2:2005+A1:2007, EN14898:2006+A1:2007, EN14652:2005+A1:2007, etc.


1 year worldwide limited warranty (+ local regulations if applicable)

1 For all dissolved solids combined as measured by TDS or conductivity meter.

2 Efficiency rating means the percentage of the influent water to the system that is available to the user as reverse osmosis treated water under operating conditions that approximate typical daily usage.

Installation Draft

TO600 Installation Draft

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