Expert P500

Point-of-Use Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Bottleless Hot and Cold Drinking Water Dispenser

Beyond Bottles

  • Purifies the water that’s already in your office or home
  • No contracts – save $/€ thousands: no need to plan, purchase, transport and store water bottles
  • No worry of bottled water source and quality
  • Eliminates the strain of lifting bottles
  • No bottles – no BPA or arsenic in your drinking water, and no flowering
  • Fewer plastics for the landfills

Ideal pure drinking water delivering machine for home, office and public spaces. Heavy duty, eco-friendly, water- and money-saving. Real-time R.O. filtration and no room-temperature storage tank mean always fresh water, hygienic cleanliness and low maintenance costs.

Delivers virtually unlimited amount of cold water and up to 6L/hour of hot water. Save thousands $/€ on water bottles!

Expert P500 Point-of-Use Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Bottleless Hot and Cold Drinking Water Dispenser

Drinking BPA-free Water
Direct Flow, Tankless Reverse Osmosis Filtration Inside

Beyond Sorption and Ultrafiltration

  • 5-stage Reverse Osmosis water filtration system inside
  • No accumulated mud: R.O. membrane separates clean water from dissolved solids and other rejected particles that go down the drain
  • Re-mineralizing water conditioner included
  • Water is tasty, safe and vital: the system delivers a pure, refreshing experience with no aftertaste of heavy metals, limescale or chlorine

Innovative Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Inside

  • Clean and fresh water delivery: instantly available water purified in real time
  • No room-temperature storage tank – no stale or flowered water
  • Virtually unlimited production: up to 1450 liters of purified water per day for the fraction of the cost of bottled water
  • Water saving 1:1 or better recovery rate
  • Membrane auto-flush for self-cleaning and top performance

Vue interne d'une membrane encapsulée d'osmose inverse (dessin technique)

Premium Water Filtration Features

Built-in R.O. filtration subsystem that's perfectly engineered, environmentally friendly and remarkably effective

Économie des eaux usées : économise des tonnes d'eaux usées par an par rapport aux systèmes conventionnels.

Membrane d'OI encapsulée à haut débit (400 GPD) pour réduire davantage vos dépenses.

Protection contre le manque de l'eau entrante.

Véritable membrane d'OI à couche mince Toray fabriqué au Japon, avec un taux de rejet élevé.

Powerful booster pump.

Faible bruit.

Fully automatic filtration operation including auto-flush and idling protection.

Quick-change encapsulated filter and membrane elements for easier maintenance.

Low energy consumption.

Membrane encapsulée

Premium Water Dispenser Features

  • High quality fit and finish
  • Hot & cold water spouts
  • Child safe
  • LED indicators
  • Food grade stainless steel hot and cold water tanks
  • Heavy duty, commercial use ready
  • The hot and cold water functions can also be turned off together or independently to conserve electricity: the system will continue to operate as a high production water filter.

Expert P500 Dispenser in the kitchen

Cold Water – Unlimited Cool Refreshments

Cold Water Dispenser

Thanks to R134a coolant compressor system and direct flow R.O. clean water production that eliminates the need to have a room temperature storage tank, the system is able to produce virtually unlimited amount of perfect temperature cold water to cool you off on a hot day or after a workout. As a cooler, this system is great even for busiest lobbies or offices with lots of people.

Hot Water – Instant Toasty Beverages

Hot Water Dispenser

The system produces steaming hot water that is great for tea, hot chocolate, soups and instant meals. It can produce up to 6.0 liters of hot water per hour. Child safety lock adds to a safe operation.

Make Your Contribution to Saving Our Planet

Make Your Contribution to Saving Our Planet

Save your pocket as well as our Planet: cut your costs dramatically by switching from bottled water to an in-house water purifier and reduce environmental impact of water bottles’ carbon footprint and plastics in the landfills.

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Tech Specs:

  • Filtration system: Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis
  • Filtered water production rate: 400 gpd (1450 lpd) maximum
  • Recovery rate (system efficiency), typical: more than 50%
  • Cold water capacity: up to 1450 lpd
  • Hot water capacity: up to 144 lpd
  • Child protection: Yes (on hot water)
  • Power supply: 200-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 4.0 A
  • See the manual for operating requirements. All terms depend on the degree of contamination of the water supply and system usage and apply to normal household use. Actual performance may vary.

Weight and Size:

  • Dimensions (WDH): 10.2 x 13 x 40” (26 x 33 x 101 cm)
  • Weight (without water & tubing): 37.5 lbs (17.0 kg)


1 year limited warranty (+ local regulations if applicable)


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